Foundry Division

The foundry is specialized in manufacturing casting of camshafts, Valve Tappets, Balancer Shaft and Rocker arms from chilled Grey iron, Chilled Ductile iron, Ductile Iron and Hardenable Iron. The material configurations are generally as per customer requirement.

The foundry is spread over five acres of land with covered area of 20,000 Sq.Mts and it is ISO/TS 16969 & ISO 14001 Certified for its Quality and Environmental Management System.

Since from its inception, the foundry has been vital to SACís self sufficiency and growth and it is equipped with the following facilities.

Green Sand Moulding

  • Two Sand System (Facing Sand & Backing Sand)
  • Simultaneous Jolt-squeeze Moulding (ARPA 450 Ė 2 Lines)
  • Simultaneous Jolt-squeeze Moulding (ARPA 900 Ė 2 Lines)
  • High Pressure Squeeze Moulding (DISA ASPA 500)

Shell Moulding

  • Four Station Shell Moulding Machine
  • Rotary table Oven
  • Stationary table Oven
  • Shell core shooter


Medium frequency Induction Melting System

  • Three 450 KW/500 Kg Furnaces
  • One 900 KW/Tritrack/500 Kg Furnaces
  • Two 250 KW/300 Kg Furnaces
  • Manual Closed Loop Pouring System
  • Mechanized liquid metal handling System

Technical Specification

Type of Mould Line Box Size No. of cylinder Max Length Weights Quantity / Annum
Green Sand Moulding DISA 570 X 710 2,3,4 Cylinder 550mm 1.5Kg ~7Kg 700 Thousands
Jolt-Squeeze 360 x 710 2,3,4 & 6 Cylinder 1200mm 1.5Kg ~25Kg 1400 Thousands
360 x 910
360 x 1100
360 x 1300
510 x 710
800 x 1100
Resin Sand Moulding Four Station 660 x 686 2,3,4 Cylinder 550mm 1.5Kg ~ 5Kg 700 Thousands


Products Quantity / annum
Camshafts 2.5 millions
Valve Tappets 14.40 millions
Rocker Arms 5.00 Millions

Pattern Shop/Tool Shop

SAC have full-fledged pattern tool making shop and itís unique for correction & improvement and also shorten the new product development time.