SAC Manufactures Camshafts in chilled Grey iron, Chilled Ductile iron, Ductile iron, Hardenable grey Iron, Austempered Ductile Iron and Steel ( Bar & Forging ) with state-of-the-art Technology.

SAC manufactures wide range of Camshafts from Single Cylinder to Eight Cylinder up to the length of 1.2 Meters and supply to customer in “as Cast, Semi Finished and Fully Finished condition” as per the specifications of the customers.

Single Cylinder

Two Cylinder

three Cylinder

Four Cylinder

Six Cylinder

Engine Component manufacturers and suppliers to

  • sedanAutomotive
  • aircraftAircraft
  • truckTruck
  • tractorTractur
  • marineMarine
  • marinePower Generation
  • marineIndustrial
  • Agricultural Applications
  • Offload Vehicles /   Construction Machines