Foundry Division

Foundry Division is specialized in manufacturing of Chilled Cast Iron components of Camshafts, Balancer shafts, Valve Tappets and Hydraulic lifter bodies  used in the Internal Combustion ( IC) Engines.



Camshaft, Balancer Shaft & FIP Machining Division

Camshaft , Balancer Shaft & FIP Machining Division is spread over 25,000 Sq. Mtrs Area. This machine shop is equipped with the State-of-the-art technology with world class high productivity CNC CBN Cam Lobe and Journal Grinders over and above the Mass production Horizontal machining centers (HMC), Vertical machining centers (VMC), CNC Cam Lobe Milling machines and other SPMs machine tools

Tappet Machining Division

The Tappet (cam followers) machining unit located in two places on the same Industrial complex. The current machining capacity of Tappet (cam followers) is 14.00 Millions per Annum and we have a dedicated state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for Tappet machining and surface treatment with latest metrology and metallurgy lab to measure all the critical parameters of the Tappets.





SAC Manufactures Camshafts in Chilled Grey iron, Chilled Ductile iron, Ductile iron, Hardenable grey Iron, Austempered Ductile Iron and Forged Steel / Steel bar.


Balancer Shafts

SAC also manufactures & supplies Balancer Shafts for small diesel engines. The material being to use are Chilled Grey Iron, Chilled Ductile Iron, Hardenable Grey Iron, Ductile Iron and Forged Steel / Steel Bar.

Fuel Injection Pump (FIP) Shafts

The Fuel Injection Pump (FIP) camshafts are being made from Chilled Cast Iron , Ductile iron  and Forged Steel & Steel Bar.  SAC manufacture varieties of FIP Shafts from single cylinder to six cylinder up to the length of 1.2 meters.



SAC manufactures the Tappet / Lifter bodies are made from Chilled Grey Iron, Hardenable Grey Iron, Ductile Iron, Hot and Cold forged steel and Steel bar. The types of tappets are Mushroom, Barrel, Split , Hollow, Bucket and Roller Assembly.


SAC Engine Components Private Limited (formerly known as Southern Auto Castings) has marked its presence in the year 1986 for Manufacture and Supply of Valve Train IC Engine Components to Automotive, Truck, Tractor, Marine, Power Generation, Industrial and Agricultural applications. For more than three decades SAC has maintained its unique position and a strong brand name in the industry for its Quality Management System.

Domestic Customers

Overseas Customers