Research & Development

SAC Engine Components Pvt. Ltd has a separate R&D Team to perform various advanced development activities to enhance manufacturing techniques and support, to customer- components design demand.

  • Alternative Material (Chilled grey Iron / Chilled Ductile Iron) Development instead of Steel.
  • Weight reduction of Camshaft by creating as cast hollow , profile hollow & dimensional optimization using sand core
  • Quality improvement through Design of Experiments ( DOE)
  • Tappet development in cluster Mold.
  • Automatic Fettling for camshaft through Robotic Technology
  • Automatic counting for Tappets / Rocker Arms
  • Tappets mold development in cold box core shoot
  • Cast chills development in investment casting
  • Chills placement by Robot ( Pick and Place )
  • Assembled lobes in Camshaft
  • High durability ADI ( Austempered Ductile Iron)
  • Bimetal camshafts – Steel lobe in cast iron base material.
  • Chilled depth measurement by Ultrasonic Testing (NBT)
  • Thermal analysis of liquid metal to minimize process variation and to improve product quality beyond expectation.